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Yoga scholarship in Rishikesh India

Yoga And Meditation Scholarship In Rishikesh

Sri Yoga Peeth Yoga and Meditation School happily announces scholarships to the yoga and meditation practitioners who really want to learn ancient yoga & meditation techniques but find some financial problems to pay the fees in full. This is our contribution, to the yoga practitioners and meditation practitioners of the world, in line with our mission to promote the spiritual practices of yoga and meditation in all corners of the world without any discrimination of socio-economic levels. If you are thinking of attending a any Yoga Retreat or Meditation Retreat or any Teacher Training Program at Sri Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh in the near future, and are eager to learn and follow the spiritual path, then we will make sure that money won’t stop you from achieving your spiritual aims. The limited number of the scholarships will be provided only to selected students. These selected students will be entitled to attend the Yoga Retreat or Meditation Retreats at a discounted price of 549$ and Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training course at the price of 1049$. This price also includes the registration fees paid online.

Criteria for Approval of Scholarships

  • This scholarship is available to the students of all nationality and religions without any discrimination of age, gender or ethnicity.
  • The scholarships are only for those students who are in need of financial assistance. Please be honest in deciding whether you really need it or not.
  • It is to be noted that the students approved for scholarships will also pay the full fees in the beginning but at the end of the course scholarship will be paid as cash back.
  • In case of any sign of any unethical conduct or misbehaviour by the student during the course, the scholarship will be cancelled.
  • The scholarship will be offered purely on first come first serve basis.
  • he sole decision for granting the scholarships lies with the management of Sri Yoga Peeth, Meditation School.
It is to be noted that the students approved for scholarships will also pay the full fees in the beginning but at the end of the course scholarship amount will be given back as cash back only.

How to Apply for Yoga / Meditation Scholarship

  1. Fill up the registration form along with scholarship form and mention the course and desired dates.
  2. We will process your information in 2 working days and will contact regarding the approval or disapproval of the same.
  3. If your scholarship gets approved you need to confirm your admission by making initial deposit of required fees through paypal link on the website.
  4. Please note that as this is a first come first serve basis method, the registration deposit has to be made within 15 days of grant of scholarship, else the same will be cancelled and forwarded to the next applicant.