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Certified Astro Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

Astro Yoga Retreat

Astro Yoga retreat is a unique opportunity for learning astrology and yoga at the same time in the holy city of Rishikesh. Sri Yoga Peeth invites the astrology lovers and all those people who want to make a career in astrology to join this great opportunity. We offer fully residential 200 Hour professional Astrology and Yoga (100 hour astrology + 100 hour yoga) retreat course.
Unlike all other astrology courses, this course is aimed at developing professional astrologers who are able to make right predictions on the basis of sound and time tested principles. We teach traditional Vedic Astrology along with more advance KP astrology. KP astrology is known for its accuracy and capability to answer all sorts of queries. Our astrology courses are not claiming to develop any intuition or divine powers rather we take pride in teaching scientific principles and developing a capacity to use logic and reasoning capacity that is the back bone of astrology.
Indian astrological systems are very close to Indian spiritual sciences. An astrologer must be a spiritual and good person in the first place. So techniques of yoga are very helpful for developing and spiritual outlook along with clear mind and personality for an astrologer. Further effectiveness of Indian astrology lies in the remedial part of it that ensures the enhancements in the life by simple spiritual methods. Understanding of yoga plays a great role in successful administration of those remedies and bringing the positive results in the life of our clients.

100 Hour Astrology and 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training Certificate Course in Rishikesh, India

Sri Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh brings 100 hour Astrology and 100 hour Yoga Teacher training course in Rishikesh, India. This is a special opportunity to get the best out of both worlds. Rarely, we get everything at the same time in the life. The best part is that you get 100 hour teacher training certificate too. In the future students continue with their yoga training for100 more hours and this way they will be entitled to get a yoga alliance USA certified 200 hour yoga teacher training certificate.

200 Hour Astro Yoga Retreat at a Glance

  • Professional level astrology course after which you can pursue a career as an astrologer
  • World famous Vedic astrology
  • Advance KP astrology which is the advance version of traditional astrology
  • Natal Astrology (birth horoscope)
  • Horary Astrology (answer any question by casting a chart)
  • 100 Hours astrology ( 50 hours classroom + 50 Hours practice)
  • 100 Hours Yoga training
  • Fully residential with three Veg Indian Meals
  • Learn with the teacher who has teaching experience of 14 Years in astrology and palmistry

200 Hour Professional Astrology & Yoga Retreat Syllabus

This is a professional level astrology training conducted by Sri Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh. The following topics will be covered in astrology section:

Astrology Syllabus

In the first two weeks students will learn the traditional Vedic Astrology. It is important to mention that the most of the professional astrologers use only this level of knowledge and deem it to be sufficient. It includes:

Salient Features:
  • 12 signs and ascendants
  • 12 houses and their significations
  • 9 planets and their significations
  • Aspects of planets
  • Meaning and importance of Exaltation and debilitation
  • Effects of planets in houses
  • Important combinations
  • Medical and psychological aspects of astrology
  • Practical Horoscope reading with ample practice

The next two weeks will be devoted for the advance astrology course based on KP system. KP system is the advancement and refinement of the traditional Vedic system of astrology. The unique feature of this course is that student learns to find promise of any event in the horoscope weather an event is possible or not. This level also deals with horary astrology. Its contents are as below.

  • Understanding of 27 Nakshatra (constellations)
  • Theory of sub lord
  • Implications of sub lord
  • Advanced significations of planets and houses
  • Events related to the 12 houses
  • House grouping for any event
  • Finding the promise in horoscope
  • Concept of Ruling planets
  • Choosing the right significators of any event
  • Timing of events
  • Horary to answer any possible question
  • Practice on real charts by case histories
  • Remedies

Yoga Syllabus

Students will learn all the aspects of yoga with some detail. They will get a chance to practice Aasana, Pranayama, Cleansing, Meditation and Yoga philosophy. Detailed yoga syllabus can be found on the yoga syllabus page.

Benefits of 200 Hour Intense Astro Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India

You will be getting a certificate of completing �Professional Astrology Course�. After this course the student can start his own astrology centre after doing some self practice. After completing this complete course he will be much better equipped to deal with the queries of any kind. Students get 100 Hour yoga teacher training certificate. Further more students also have a chance to get Yoga Alliance certified 200 hour yoga teacher training too.

Asto Yoga Retreat Course Dates India

21 Dec 2018 - 17 Jan 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Jan 2019 � 16 Feb 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Feb 2019 � 17 March 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 March 2019 � 16 April 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 April 2019 � 17 May 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 May 2019 � 16 June 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 June 2019 � 17 July 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 July 2019 � 16 Aug 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Aug 2019 � 16 Sep 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Sep 2019 � 17 Oct 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Oct 2019 � 16 Nov 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Nov 2019 � 17 Dec 2019 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now
21 Dec 2019 � 16 Jan 2020 Asto Yoga Retreat US$ 1350 US$ 1500 Apply Now

Course Fee and Inclusion

The fees for the four week Astro Yoga retreat is USD 1350 (Accommodation in a shared room) or USD 1500 (private accommodation). The course fee includes following services:

  1. Accommodation for four weeks (private or shared) in a room with attached bath and hot water
  2. Free unlimited wifi facility
  3. Three times Indian Vegetarian meals everyday
  4. Two times herbal tea
  5. Course manuals for astrology and yoga
  6. Writing material
  7. One yoga mat
  8. One T-shirt
  9. Course certificate
  10. Sunday sightseeing

Meet Our Astrology Instructor

Astrology training is imparted by Dr. Gaurav Agrawal who has a teaching experience of fourteen years. Dr. Agrawal possesses a PhD degree in Clinical psychology. He was working as Assistant Prof at the Dev Sanskriti University Haridwar. He has made extensive research in finding the correlates of Psychology and astrology. He is the author of three books in the field of palmistry and astrology. His books can be found on Amazon by following here