500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

500-Hour Yoga TTC In Rishikesh

500 hour yoga teacher training in rishikesh

The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh is a master-level yoga TTC. Sri Yoga Ashram yoga teacher training program is the best according to Yoga Alliance USA standards. All yoga topics under 200- and 300-hour YTTC programs are covered in this module.

The course can be completed in two ways. It is possible to complete all at once or in two parts.
For the second option, you must apply for a 200-hour YTT course followed by a 300-hour YTTC, which is an advanced training program.

Advanced training is training that needs completion of 500 hours. In addition, applicants must submit 200 teaching hours course completion following their RYS 200 or 500-hour training.

Is it possible to become RYT in one go?

However, becoming an RYT involves completing a series of training. The Yoga Alliance, the world’s largest association of RYTs, certifies teachers after they have completed a minimum of 200 hours of training and a minimum of 300 hours of training.

The Yoga Alliance is a well-known certification program in the yoga industry, and it is the only one recognized by the government as a national certification agency for yoga education. The Yoga Alliance 200-hour certification is the entry-level standard for YTT. It is the first level of certification that you must complete to call yourself a yoga teacher.

To become an RYT 500, you must complete the training and should get Yoga Alliance 200-hour and 300-hour certificates.

At an RYT school, you can complete your 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India in one go. The only difference between the two is that you can complete 200 and 300 hours at your own pace and availability, whereas 500 hours in one shot requires a dedicated 8-9 week effort.

Benefits of the course

This course will teach you the most advanced and vital aspects of yoga, such as anatomy, physiology, and terminology. It will also provide a general overview of the practice, including its physical, mental, and psychological aspects.

You will learn about the latest and greatest health practices.
You will have more energy in your body and mind as a result of these advanced practices. They have also improved the quality of your life, making you happier than you have ever been.


Course DateFee (w/o Accomm.)Fee (Shared Accomm.)Fee (Private Accomm.)Apply here
02Aug 2023 – 28Sep 2023$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Sep 2023 – 28Oct 2023$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Oct 2023 – 28Nov 2023$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Nov 2023 – 28Dec 2023$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Dec 2023 – 28Jan 2024$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Jan 2024 – 28Feb 2024$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Feb 2024 – 28Mar 2024$1500$1800$2000Apply Now
02Mar 2024 – 28Apr 2024$1500$1800$2000Apply Now