The Joy of living in an Ashram

The Joy of Living in an Ashram!

Imagine a beautiful calm paradise devoted to spiritual growth tucked away in bustling ‘Capital of Yoga’ Rishikesh, this is Sri Yoga Ashram. Located by Ram Jhula, looking over the Holy Ganges, the ashram is the perfect balance between tranquility and action. In this gated serenity, amongst the luscious trees and colorful flowers, there are two […]


Meaning of ‘Vairagya’ – Detachment: Part 2 (Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh)

The word ‘Vairagya’ is used quite many times in yoga scriptures. Among the spiritual practitioners also this is a topic of debate. Many yoga practitioners are talking about detachment and most of the times they misinterpret the detachment to be something very pessimistic. Detachment doesn’t mean to leave your family, children, job or society and […]

Meaning of Vairagya

Meaning of ‘Vairagya’ – Detachment: Part 1 (Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh)

How does attachment begin? What is the source of detachment? Can we learn it or few people have it from the beginning? Raw fruit is hanging on to the tree. It is attached with the tree. It requires some force to make it separate from the tree. But when the same fruit is fully ripe, […]


Yoga Books Suggestion Part 2 | Sri Yoga Ashram Rishikesh

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Yoga Books Suggestion Part-1

Dr.Gaurav Agarwal is a Philosophy Teacher at Sri Yoga Ashram Rishikesh (Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training School India)